50 Cent Reveals His Wish For 2015


Now that the two G-Unit EPs are out of the way, 50 Cent is finally in the space to release his long awaited album Street King Immortal.

50 held a private listening session in L.A. last night for a few industry and label executives which is the first real sign in a while that the album is coming soon. In an interview two weeks ago with Elle magazine, 50 chatted candidly about his new vodka Effen, why he doesn’t go on a vacation much, why he put his album on hold for G-Unit, experience in dating women and his wish for 2015.

50 says his major wish for this year is to be able to connect with his new music. He also hints at going against the grain on the project.

So what’s your wish for 2015?
Oh man. I’d like to connect with music like I did in the beginning. To have that intensity again, to have a song that comes on at 1 o’clock in the morning and it’s the premiere song at that point. It’s almost magic because, when you condition for it, it doesn’t take long for you to write the content that everyone in the world can agree on at one time.

I read this article in USA Today that contends that rappers who are killing it now are more emo than they were back in your heyday. Do you think you’ll have to reconsider the kind of lyrics you write?
That’s the trend in part of our culture, but I think there’s a way to make music without following everything that’s happening. You have to be secure enough with that, and you have to be financially in a good enough shape. You’ve got artists that are, like, “trappin out the bando,” which is a country term for hustling. Rappers are using new terms just because they heard a lot of southern-based music…I’ll see those things happen and look and go, ‘No one’s going to have a moment that matters if they don’t kind of go against the grain and make something that feels good,’ you know? My new album is not going to follow anything else that has happened.