Miguel – “WILDHEART” (Cover & Tracklisting)


In less than 3 weeks, Miguel returns to our speakers with his third effort, WILDHEART.

Led by the tantalizing single “Coffee” the upcoming album has everyone ready to update their bedroom playlist. Hitting shelves on June 30, the album well host 13-tracks with only two features – one from rapper Kurupt on “NWA” and the other from the talented Lenny Kravitz on the potential second single, “Face the Sun.”

Getting raunchy on the sexy tracks “Flesh” and “The Valley,” we’re sure this album will serve as a proper and effective follow-up to 2012’s superpower sophomore album.

Take a look at the tracklist below!

WILDHEART Tracklisting

1. “A Beautiful Exit”
2. “Exit”
3. “The Valley”
4. “Coffee”
5. “NWA” feat. Kurupt
6. “Waves”
7. “What’s Normal Anyway”
8. “Hollywood Dreams”
9. “Destinado a Morir”
10. “…goingtohell”
11. “Flesh”
12. “Leaves”
13. “Face the Sun” feat. Lenny Kravitz