New Music: Imani Pressley – “Im Not Sharing”

I would like to introduce you to Imani Pressley. She is a 24 year old female who plays several instruments (guitar, drums, piano, etc), produces, and engineers her own music. Recently she produced music for Prince’s background NPG artist Shelby J and he immediately grew fond of Imani and requested to work on the track before his untimely death.
To date, she has a Grammy and Dove nomination as producer for gospel pop artist Virtue. Recently she released a Limited EP “Feelings Like These” which she wrote, produced and engineered entirely herself. However, she has over 100 songs waiting to be released. Imani’s sound is a mixture of Pop, R&B, and EDM that adds an eclectic flare to her sound. Her single “I’m Not Sharing” presents a combination of these favorite genres opening up a wide range of potential fans
Her music has also caught the eyes of national recording superstars Timbaland and Ceelo Green. In addition, she worked with Brian Kennedy for the song “I’m Not Sharing,” who is a 5 time Grammy winner with songwriter credits for Rihanna, Ciara, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson, and Fantasia just to name a few.
In other words, these aforementioned names prove her creditability in the industry and all unanimously agree that Imani Pressley has the tools to make a major impact as a global recording artist!