New Video: Heresy (Carolina Dirty, Dominique LaRue, MyVerse & Monie Love) – “Da Call Out”


This is a perfect time for me to put you up on some dope ass Hip Hop. Meet Heresy, the Hip Hop collective made up of Carolina Dirty, Dominique LaRue, Monie Love (The Legendary) and MyVerse.

First and foremost before I go any further, I want to give a big shout out to my brother Mister Lawnge of Black Sheep for providing these beautiful and talented sisters with the production to paint such a brutally honest picture of today’s Hip Hop landscape.

These four MC’s brought their A-Game, and spoke the truth about a culture that has fell victim to Rape, Pillaging and appropriation. This is the type of music that is needed in order for the scales of Hip Hop to be balanced.

Women showing their intelligence, skill level, strength and power, all without getting half-naked, or compromising their belief system is what the culture of Hip Hop was built on.

Personally i’m proud to see this group grab Hip Hop by the balls (Pun Intended) and  say “Enough Is Enough!!”

If you really love Hip Hop, please support Heresy and their movement. Video below.